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We help sellers reap the rewards of pre-sale remodeling, without the hassle or upfront costs of working with a traditional home improvement company.

Remodel Now, Pay When We Sell

We specialize in turnkey renovations for homeowners who want to sell their homes quickly for the best possible price. Homeowners who work with The Schenck Team and their partners never have to step foot in a hardware store, hire a subcontractor, or write a single check.


We make the entire renovation process easy and painless.


We specialize in renovations that maximize sale price.


Our tech-enabled approach helps us complete projects fast.

The Numbers

Average ROI

Homeowners typically see a 150%
return on their renovation

Hidden Charges

Sellers pay us for the work when the
home sells. No credit checks,
interest charges, fees, or deposits.

Fewer Days on Market

Homes we renovate spend half as
many days on the market, compared
to the national average.

Arizona Realtors Specializing in Pre-Sale Home Renovation

We know which renovations and updates will make a home sell – and which won’t. We work with our contractors to focus on the renovations that will truly pay off. We’ll never encourage homeowners to invest in a project if it won’t have a positive impact on the listing price – period.

Our contractors developed a portfolio of materials that is proven to appeal to buyers. From cabinets to flooring, lighting fixtures to appliances, we know what buyers in our markets are looking for. Sellers won’t have to waste time pouring over tile samples or paint chips, and we can get to work right away.

Meet The Schenck Team

Global Resources, Local Expertise

We partner with a team of experts from construction, general contracting, finance, and technology. These talented local experts have been helping homeowners improve their homes for years. Through this combination of large company resources and local market expertise, we’re revolutionizing pre-sale home renovation and giving every homeowner the opportunity to flip their own home.

A Hassle-free Renovation and Sale

Our teams virtual walkthroughs and pay-at-settlement business model streamlines home renovation so that it’s fast and easy for homeowners.

Our clients are assigned a dedicated Project Manager who oversees the renovation from beginning to end. The Project Manager handles everything: ordering materials, scheduling deliveries, hiring subcontractors, pulling permits, and serving as a single point of contact for the homeowner.

The traditional home improvement model is broken. Don’t worry, we’re fixing it.

Our team works with software visionaries who are using technology to help your project start quickly, run smoothly, and cost less. We’re using technology to streamline and accelerate every component of home improvement so sellers can get their homes on the market quickly and sell for the best possible price. Our team uses innovative technology to

  • Determine the scope of work without ever sending a contractor to the property
  • Tour the home virtually with the agent and seller
  • Collect bids from subcontractors in hours, not days
  • Provide frequent status updates with progress photos

Traditional Home Improvement

Cash or credit required upfront

Find contractors and hope they meet deadlines

Invest in renovations that won’t affect the sale price

A stressful, time-consuming process

The Schenck Team's Approach

Pay for renovations at settlement

Get to market quickly

Make smart updates and sell your home for the best possible price

A hassle-free renovation handled by your project manager

Listing without Renovating

Give up your hard-earned equity

Spend months on the market fielding low-ball offers

Sell for below market value

House resold for a large profit

Sale Price (After Renovation) – $565,000

As-is List Price (Before Renovation) – $475,000
Days on Market – 3 days
Renovation Cost – $65,000
Sellers Additional Profit – $25,000
Project Length – 4 weeks

What happens if the house doesn’t sell?
Interest? Fees? Hidden Charges?
Who does the work?
How much do your contractors charge? Is it competitive with other contractors?

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